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Why Nova Scotia?

Canada's Ocean Playground.

Moving from Ontario to Nova Scotia in 2018 was the best decision my now husband and I could have ever made (aside from creating a beautiful family). I had just finished my medical lab technician course and was travelling from Barrie to Newmarket & Vaughan daily for work at a fertility clinic. One Saturday, the drive home took me 3 hours--which was normally a 60 minute drive and I came home saying I could NOT continue this commute for the rest of my life. 

To which I jokingly said, "LETS JUST MOVE TO NOVA SCOTIA".  As the days' went on, the joking comment turned into "Could this be a possibility? Should we do this? We don't have children yet, why not?..."  The more we talked about the details, the more it just made sense. We knew we could set ourselves up better financially by moving away from Ontario and that includes one day buying a home. This plan was decided mid July, and we had moved here for the end of August. We sold what we could, and packed up our two vehicles with our two cats and drove across the country with walkie-talkies between cars.  Quite the spontaneous adventure & it was incredible.

So, what made us choose NS? Well it's simple. We both had the pleasure to visit as children on family trips, and it left and everlasting impression on us.  The ocean, the maritimer friendliness, the postcard scenery, what more could you want? 

Halifax is a small city, with just over 439,000 people it ranks in at the 13th largest city in Canada. It makes sense why Nova Scotia is known as Canada's Ocean Playground. The province is almost completely surrounded by water (excluding the small land formation linking New Brunswick). No matter where you are in the province, you are never more than 60 km from the ocean. This is a fact I learned soon after moving here and it truly blew my mind. I had always lived near water, but to be this close to the OCEAN? Count me in!!  

We moved to Bedford, NS and really took advantage of the local community markets. Frequent visits at the Seaport Market, Christmas at the Forum, Halifax Brewery Market to name a few. We'd spend our time driving around the province taking in local pubs, live music and doing all the touristy things in our new home province!  We joined sports teams & gyms to meet people, and made some of the best friends we could ever ask for. 


Follow along with me while I begin my blog with all amazing things Nova Scotia has to offer! I hope to show the value of having me as your REALTOR®, and local expert. Someone who goes above and beyond for their clients, becoming a trusted advisor and friend during the process!  Whatever your real estate needs are, I would love to chat!  

If you have any questions about moving half way across the country, or all the way to the east coast - call me. I've got you. 

- Jenny, YourNSHomeGirl™
REALTOR®, Halifax 

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